• Life is like a camera –
    Focus on what is important.
    Capture the good times.
    Develop from the negatives.
    And if things don’t work out, just take another shot.“

  • MindCare by Lilly Hoenck

    Mental Strength is a key competence in life

    What this means to me and my work, has been described on the other page.

    What mental strength has to do with "resilience" and where this strength has its source - please read at the bottom of the page.


    Why is communication so important for the relationship? According to
    Virginia SATIR, the founder of the family therapy , "communication is to relationship, what breathing is to life". Irreplaceable.


    So we find ourselves in work-relationships, business-relationships, personal relationships with partners, kids and friends. And always the point is, if we are willing and able, to build rapport, means a relationship and to sustain it. Because this will at the end decide over our success: if we are successful in business and life or not. Whether we live the same conflict in different contexts or develop the capacity, to build relationships and the ability for agreements. And this capacity is not a coincidence, but - the constructive development of the personality. This is the "work on and with ourselves". And this development can be supported by a coach.


    Because only the human being alone is able to change - but he/she cannot do it alone.

  • The Concept

    MindCare by Lilly Hoenck.

    In the coaching relationship with my client, my attention lies on his/her personnality and the whole system around him/her. This means, I do not only care for the mental health and the goals to achieve. My attention also lies on the health state, the coping strategies with stress and the social surrounding, both professionnel and personal.


    Health of a human being not only consists in the absence of diseases, but is a balanced situation of healthy food, restorative sleep, physical health including moderate movement and mental health.

    To improve the whole personal well-being of my client, and if I suggest it as necessary, I advise to get assistance of specialists in these domains.


    My coaching work consists in analysing his current situation and to get the goal and the outcome of the coaching fixed. In accordance with goal and outcome, I apply different coaching methods. This can be f.i. the work on blocks, core beliefs, values, motivations and the detection of strategies for the goals.

    According to the current situation and the needs of my client.


    is growing out of the Mental Strength

    The fundament of all is a sure attachment in life - beginning in the very early time of our lives - during pregnancy and the very early childhood.

    If there a fundament for a stabil attachment has been made, this will carry us through life. This explains, why certain people grow in times of crisis and others break down. The newest neurologic knowledge always defines the importance of attachment in early childhood. This attachment is standing for the stable framework we need in our lives to overcome obstacles. So everybody is asked to build up, train and maintain his own resilience.


    I see my job to build a confident relationship with my coachee to make a ground for change and positivity. This will be successful, if the cooperation takes place in an environment of unconditional acceptance and appreciation, empathy and congruence.


    With this fundament, the capacity of positive constructive attitude will possible, even if you find yourself at your limits. If it is with yourself, in relationships or in leadership.
    To take an attitude of inner trust, founding on resilience and to make your way by your own resources and strengths.

    Good relationships always grow out of respectful and appreciating communication. So my personal approach in coaching and training is constantly based on "non violent communication" as per
    Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and "resilience" as a construct of a strong personality.


    is the alpha and omega in daily relationships.

    Nothing makes people more unhappy and more non performing than non solved conflicts, whether it is in a business context or in private life.


    Smoldering or escalated conflicts in organisations represent ca. 20 % of the costs, according to a recent study. In the Non Violent Communication as by Dr. Marshall ROSENBERG one of the first rules according to this says “connection before correction”. This means that the first step is to build up a respectful relationship between individuals. In the second step you work on the item of conflict. One of the key elements of resilience is the good relationship and the solidarity between individuals.


    To know that there is a network of loyal people around you to give you constant support, encourages and gives force in life. As a condition for this, we have to build up strong relationships and keep them alive. Being able to transform encounter into relationship. The easiest way to be successful in this is to have an appreciating attitude in the contact with other people and an appropriated strategy of communication.
    MINDCARE in COMMUNICATION means to me: you meet me as a trainer and coach who supports you to build up such relationships in order to find this appreciating attitude if you choose so. And in the same time you get able to handle for your own concerns. And so you bring into cooperative and constructive communication what is meaningful to you.



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