• "You cannot stop the waves,

    but you can learn to surf."

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    human - inspiring - results oriented.

    It is up to you to play the main role in this concept.


    I’m a resilience coach and soft skills trainer. What I care for is to bring my customers into their power. And to support them to bring this power on the road.


    I worked in the banking sector for 30 years, in operations, human resources, organisational consulting; projects and process management. Then I stepped out and after intensive studies, I started my own business in 2012.


    I really believe that growing and development of personality is possible in an unconditional and appreciating atmosphere. That human beings are willing to give their best.

    Resilience & communication are the main subjects I would like to bringe to leadership and team development.

    What this is meaning for me: please read “the concept”.


    I’m married, live at the luxembourgish border in Germany and have 2 adult sons.

    If I don’t do business, I like cooking for my friends, going for hiking and driving my little Mazda-Cabrio. And then get out of the car and take some pictures.


  • My career

    My business experience & profile

  • My first professional life took place in the banking world. I was a leader rather early in my life and after the birth of my two sons I worked part-time in operations, in the organisational consulting, in human resources and in projects.


    Change projects were daily business. After 30 years of banking, I left this world and became an independant Consultant, Coach & Trainer in 2012. As „life-long-learning“ is also part of my life, I attend to conferences and skill enhancement every year, to be at the edge of time. So the following further education belongs to my profile:

    • Humanistic  Psychology and personal development  
    • Practitioner Psychotherapy  /admission by ministry of health, Mainz (G) 
    • Hypnotherapy and Meditation
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Mental Training
    • Mediation
    • Certified trainer Non violent communication (Dr. Marshall Rosenberg)
    • Certified Kids- and Youth coach 
    • RIT-Reflexintegration
    • Certified Reiss-Profile-Master
    • Certified 9Levels Consultant (W. Graves)
    • Different certifications for training, coaching, moderation and consulting
  • My interventions

    Discover all the areas in which I work!

    Students & Job Beginners

    You need support for school or in your job?
    Would like to be « in a better mood »?

    Or would you like to lose your stress facing
    school tests?

    Private Customers

    Would you like to find back your
    known strength?

    Or do you have to
    re-orientate yourself in your job?
    Need support in a challenging process
    of change? Would like to improve
    your communication with others?

    Executives / Companies (B2B)

    Looking for consulting in your company?

    professional business training in conflict
    management or sustainable management?
    Or at first stress-management, burn-out
    prevention, team-development ?
    Would you like to stay yourself
    “resilient in leadership”?

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